Jamie House Food Photography

British Photography Award winner 2021

Pink Lady Photography Award Finalist 2021

Food Photography by Award winning artist and photographer Jamie House. Jamie is a professional food photographer and also teaches his amazing techniques, including food styling! His pictures are consistent and bring the wonder of a food moment.

Time care and creativity are invested into Jamie’s Photography
More than 15 years teaching experience! And 20 years working as a photographer.

To date Jamie`s work has been featured in publications and exhibitions worldwide and he has talked at the photographers gallery London about his work.

Jamie's work has been featured in:
New Scientist magazine (UK), Daily Telegraph (UK), PHOTO ARTS Book (USA), QUAD book project (UK),Peep Contemporary Art Magazine, Ersatz Camera Work Catalogue (CA), Supermassive Black Hole Photographic Journal (UK), Blotbook, GUP Photography Journal (NL), Recycle Art Catalogue (BX), London Independent Photography Magazine (UK), Without Lenses (USA),Inscape Magazine (UK) Umter (DE) Excerpt Magazine (AU)

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